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Packing up the Mansion House

Between June and September 2015, the entire contents of the Mansion House were packed away and moved into storage, leaving the house empty and ready for restoration.

June - packing begins

Our hard-working volunteers have helped to catalogue, wrap and pack a total of more than 5,000 items.  Here they are at work in the basement kitchen, which will become the Georgian kitchen when the house re-opens.


 August - Photography

With the packing under way, York Camera Club kindly offered their time and talent to record all parts of the Mansion House before its restoration - including some lesser-known areas like the back staircase, once used by the Mansion House servants, and the Blue Room, which will become the new Silver Gallery.

Empty house - back stairs.jpgBlue Room.jpg

 September - Removals

Mansion House staff, assisted by volunteers, moved as many items as they were able to, for storage in various locations.  Specialist  firms were then engaged to pack, remove and store the antique furniture, paintings and chandeliers.  This was not a simple task, as you can see!  Scaffolding was constructed in the State Room and on the stairs to enable the removals team to reach the higher items.  Once packed, everything had to be carefully carried through the front door of the Mansion House and onto the waiting vans.

Removing painting from stairs.JPG (1)Scaffolding in State Room.JPG

Empty House Weekend

By the end of September, the Mansion House was empty.  The doors were thrown open over two days, to allow members of the public to see the house as never before and to give us their views on the empty house and the plans for its future.  On the Sunday evening, Vespertine joined us to run special tours of the house, incorporating art installations and music.

 Empty House weekend - Dining Room.jpgEmpty House weekend comments.jpg (1)

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