By tradition, a Lord Mayor could hold the office only once every twelve years and remain in office for one year only. The idea was that a Mayor who was in power too long could become corrupt or dominate the city. However this didn’t prevent Nicholas de Langton being Mayor a total of 16 times over a 20 year period.


Many local, national and internationally famous Lord Mayors have worn the red robe and gold chain of office and been termed ‘Mayor’ and ‘Lord Mayor’. The list includes, John Carr the famous eighteenth century architect who built many country houses in the north of England, in the nineteenth century we encounter George Hudson, three times Lord mayor, the ‘Railway King’ made a fortune on the railways and become one of the richest men in the country, and then lost it all and died in poverty. Two of York’s enduring mayoral names are those of the ‘Chocolate Mayors’ of the Terry’s and Rowntree families. Sir Joseph Terry was Lord Mayor four times and Sheriff once.


The Mayoral list also records those Mayors who are not so famous (but equally deserving of memory) with intriguing names, such as, Thomas Drawsword, good Yorkshire names like Mayor John Thirske or more exotic sounding Mayors like Gacio De Calvo Monte.