Our interactive learning sessions explore aspects of the local history of the city of York, the stories of the people who lived and worked in the Mansion House and the collections.

For Early Years and Foundation classes our “On the Carpet” story sessions use nursery rhymes and animal stories to explore life in the eighteenth century and animals in the coat of arms of the city of York.

At Reception and KS1 our interactive story sessions explore the stories of Ebrauc, the legendary founder of York, St. George as well as exploring the City of York’s coat of arms and Citizenship.

Our Key Stage Two sessions explore the story of the site of the Mansion House and its collections ranging from Henry VII’s visit to the city in 1486 to the tea trade of the nineteenth century.

Time travel with the Lord Mayors of York to develop children’s historical chronology skills, or use historical detection skills to discover who killed the mummified cat found during our recent restoration. Explore the Mansion House’s links to seventeenth century global trade in “El Coco” and the coconut cups or examine the diets of eighteenth and nineteenth century Lord Mayors in The mock turtle & the 100 guinea dish –did they eat healthily? Explore citizenship and the civic history of the city of York in the Mayor Making Ball 1785


The Mansion House is ideal for combining history and KS2 practical mathematical investigations- choose from Building the Mansion House, the Assizes of Ale and Bread,  Mace Mysteries and Mace Making  or The Noble Pineapple-Excellent Fruit . Or combine history and science by exploring the properties of materials   in our gold and silver collections.

Listed below are our workshops for Early Years, Key Stages 1 and 2 or download our Primary School brochure.


Early years