As we are bought together in the uncertainty of 2020, the Mansion House has opened its virtual doors to invite you all to sit with us, and raise a toast in celebration of the people of York.

Through countless celebrations in the life of the house, Lord Mayors have long-perfected the art of toasting those influential, championed and esteemed guests who made it to their table. As times change, we invite you all to join this legacy of gratitude, to recognise the incredible community in York, and toast to those who should be celebrated.

So, who will you raise a toast to?





We want to hear your stories of celebration – from the trivial to the powerful, there is nothing and no one that isn’t worth recognising and celebrating.

How about the supermarket that just happened to have your favourite food back in stock, or the bar that does same-day delivery? Perhaps your street has come together to support each other in a new wave of community? Maybe there’s a frontline worker who has changed your life? Or possibly you’d like to celebrate the world that is to come? Everything is deserving of an outpouring of celebration.

We’ll be gathering your celebrations here, and raising a toast to everyone who has been submitted.


  • Send some words, images, or videos to mansionhouse@york.gov.uk, and let us know who you would like to raise a toast to.
  • Tag us and use the hashtag #AToastToYork to get involved on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
  • Join us on Twitter and Instagram every week for our themed photo challenges, where we celebrate the present community around us, and look forward to a future together.
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A Toast to the Town: Because we are York, together.