October 2017

By Mansion House Team - 27 September 2017

Opening Doors Restoration Project Update...

The Mansion House is nearing its completion with the finishing touches being implemented.

Excitingly, as part of the finishing process, the display cases are being installed into the galleries and in the dining room. These bespoke cases will show off the Mansion House collection to a high standard and will be some of the finest display cases in the country....even though the glass has been a challenge to get to the 2nd floor!

Shortly the furniture, paintings, porcelain and cat will all return to their home. The cat, shoe and other ritual objects will have a very special location from which to protect and give good luck to the house...a special location that will be revealed to the visitors!

The scaffolding to the front of the building will begin its slow removal process. This needs to be slow as not to damage the paint and to make good areas where steel ties were drilled into the building to ensure the scaffolding didn’t move.

York Mansion House website launching soon!

We are excited to announce that our new website will be launching in October!  

The new website showcases our new branding and will provide up-to-date information on admission, times, events and activities, using our What's On calendar.
You will also be able to find details of the House and Collections, Lord Mayors through time and tales from the past within our Cabinet of Curiosities.

Grand Opening Weekend

Plans are well underway for our Grand Opening Weekend!
Join us for a weekend of music, entertainment, activities as the Mansion House opens its doors to the public for the first time in two years!
More information about the weekend will be coming soon.

Kitchen Corner

We will soon be opening the doors to the restored 18th century Mansion House kitchen.
Cooking demonstrations will take place regularly using contemporary recipes, bringing life back into the space.  Whilst there will of course be the opportunity to sample some historical cuisine! 
Look out in future issues for details of the recipes we will be using in the kitchen. Why not give them a try at home!