Chinese New Year

By Mansion House Team - 05 March 2018

York’s first Chinese New Year was celebrated the other week and after having a moment to pause, reset and reflect (as well as go through all of the photos!), I think  it was truly a wonderful experience for the Mansion House to host and it was lovely to have so many new guests.

We started the day with some lovely painting by traditional Chinese artist Danny Ha, who did a demonstration and then gave everyone the chance to paint their own plum blossoms and branches. The skill from all of our painters was fantastic, but mostly, it was fun.

The morning went by in a snap and we were quickly onto calligraphy in the Dining Room which was enjoyed by many people who learnt how to write the seasons or their name...

A beautiful zither performance and play around in the State Room, some people learned to play a simple tune on the zither with special tools...

A wonderful tea ceremony in the kitchen where the difference between all of the herbal teas, the time of year they are drank and I had a chance to taste the delicate flavours of Chinese red tea...

Then we had Tai’ji (Tai Chi) in the State Room which I donned a traditional white Taichi outfit for and took part in – how fun, interesting and not a bad way to spend a lunch break! The movements are so precise, yet smooth.

To round off a lovely day of events Lychee Red came and did a Lion Dance in the square for member’s of the public to enjoy and take photos with.

For York’s first Chinese New Year celebrations we did pretty well, but we’ve only scratched the surface and us here at York Mansion House, VisitYork and YorkBID are certainly looking forward to next year’s events!