A Favourite Place

By Mansion House Team - 16 March 2020

A Favourite Place


Before putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, I spent quite a few moments deciding which Mansion House room was my favourite. There are many to choose from.

I pondered over the grand State Room, the lavish Dining Room and the cosy, welcoming Drawing Room. Decisions, decisions!

Finally, I decided to choose the one that makes me feel the most nostalgic, the one that brings back fond memories of days gone by, and of course, the one that, unusually, feeds my curiosity instead of my stomach. Have you guessed yet? Yes! It’s the historic kitchen.



As you descend the stone steps that lead you to the kitchen you get a sense of how busy this area must have been. The many feet that have walked, ran, stumbled and perhaps even tumbled their way to and from the kitchen during their service in the house.  The crisp white shirts, the well-polished boots and shoes, and the sense of pride. The panic and stress in the air as well as the anticipation of a busy and successful night ahead. Everything had to be perfect!

The kitchen with its open fire, which still warms toes to this day, looks ready to burst into action at any moment. I imagine a flushed, pot-bellied cook, tasting, basting, roasting and toasting the dishes of the day. The large wooden table, scrubbed clean, and the stack of pots and pans adorning the shelves; the open drawers displaying wares and the old sink waiting for the dishes to arrive!



Come and uncover the secrets that the Mansion House hides within its walls. Each room is ready to be discovered and enjoyed. Perhaps, like me, you too will find the kitchen the best room in the house or perhaps you will find your very own special place instead.


Sharon Povey, York Mansion House Housekeeper