Past the grandeur of the prominent green doors and beautiful façade lies the social and civic heart of York, which has continued to beat for almost 300 years. The earliest purpose built home for a Lord Mayor in the country, this remarkable house was created as a place for the Lord Mayor of York to entertain visitors to the city, and celebrate and support the people of York.


 Following a period of extensive restoration, York Mansion House opened fully to the public for the first time in 2018, welcoming visitors from around the world to an inspiring, interactive experience, walking them through the story of York’s past and present. Housing the city’s incredible civic treasures, and unique gold and silver collections, the dramatic interiors take the visitor on a journey from the grandeur of the State Room, to life below stairs in the restored Georgian kitchen.


With a history of feasting, scandal, and frivolity unlike anywhere else in the city, the lives of York’s Lord Mayors are interwoven with the history of York, and the Mansion House remains the celebratory heart of our vibrant city.



With visitor safety our priority, we have put a number of steps in place to ensure you feel welcome, safe and comfortable during your visit with us.

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